The Cheshire Wood Wizard Process...

How it works

Nathan’s No-Nonsense Guide to Getting Things Done

Step 1: Arrange Your Quote

Got a dream and a budget? Great, you’re all set to start! click here to arrange your free quote. Remember, having a clear vision and knowing your budget helps us hit the ground running. Gather some ideas, get inspired, and let’s make something spectacular.

Step 2: Site Visit

I’ll pop over to hear all about your ideas and vision. We’ll chat about what’s possible within your budget, measure up, check access, and talk timelines. No on-the-spot quotes from me, because good things take time and precision isn’t pulled out of thin air! I price every job individually, sourcing top-quality materials at the best value from my trusted circle of suppliers.

Step 3: Design and Quote

I’ll sketch out your plans and price up the materials. Every project is on a fixed price basis to give you peace of mind and total transparency, eliminating any financial surprises.

Step 4: Proposal Call

Once everything’s tallied up, I’ll give you a ring to discuss your options. This way, you can make an informed decision, fully aware of what you’re choosing and why.

Step 5: Confirmation

Happy with everything? Fantastic! When you confirm your booking, I’ll provide a detailed, written quote outlining the full scope and cost of the project, along with clear terms and conditions.

Step 6: Deposit

Your deposit sets the wheels in motion. You pay the deposit, and we’re ready to roll.

Step 7: Booking and Scheduling

I’ll confirm your installation date, and you’ll know exactly when to expect me. No middlemen, no sleazy sales tactics, just me, myself and I - from start to finish.

Step 8: Installation

I work on a linear timeline, focusing on one job at a time to ensure your project gets the attention it deserves. No nipping off to other sites - when I’m on your job, I’m all yours until it’s done.