At Cheshire Wood Wizard, nothing is off the shelf. Think of me as the magician of bespoke construction - if you can dream it or describe it, chances are, I can build it...

From whimsical garden features to practical installations with a twist, my goal is to bring your most imaginative ideas to life with a craftsmanship that's anything but ordinary.

Bridging Your Dreams: No Trolls, Just Talent

Remember the bridge I built over a stream at the bottom of a garden? Yes, I had to don my waders for that one, but thankfully, no trolls were lurking underneath! This project wasn’t just about crossing water – it was about creating a stunning, functional piece of art that blends seamlessly with its natural surroundings. Each plank was chosen for durability and aesthetic appeal, ensuring that the bridge would be a centrepiece of the garden for years to come.

bridge 3

Doggone Delightful Stations

I had the pleasure of designing a fantastic Dog Station for a local American diner where dogs are encouraged to bring their well-behaved humans. This bespoke station houses everything a pup could need – from cosy beds and tasty biscuits to fresh water. Not stopping there, we also crafted a similar haven outside a popular pet shop, turning a simple idea into a community highlight that offers comfort and a warm welcome to furry friends and their owners.

Sleeper Borders: More Than Just Edges

Our sleeper borders are designed to redefine garden boundaries with style and substance. These aren’t just edges; they are meticulously installed features that enhance the structure and flow of your garden, whether you’re aiming for rustic charm or modern sophistication. Each sleeper is selected for its strength and beauty, ensuring that these borders are as durable as they are visually appealing.

Composite Cladding: Durability Meets Design

Revamp the look of your home with high-quality composite cladding that combines lasting durability with aesthetic appeal.

Composite cladding is the perfect choice for homeowners seeking a practical yet stylish exterior finish. It offers excellent resistance to fading, staining, and weathering, requiring minimal upkeep compared to traditional materials. Available in a variety of colours and finishes, composite cladding can be tailored to match any architectural style, enhancing your home’s curb appeal while providing an added layer of insulation.

I specialise in bespoke installations, ensuring every panel is expertly fitted to meet the unique contours of your property. Whether you’re looking to cover an entire building or add a feature wall that pops, I work with you to bring your vision to life. And with composite cladding, you’re not just upgrading your home’s exterior—you’re investing in a long-lasting solution that’s eco-friendly and cost-effective.

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