Forget dull concrete posts – on my patch, fencing is nothing short of a work of art...

Boundary fencing isn't just a perimeter for your property - it's a transformation that adds a functional "wow factor" to your home and garden.

I work with you to select garden fencing that complements your style and sets the tone for your entire outdoor space. All my installations use responsibly sourced, sustainable timber – an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional concrete posts and panels. I use the highest grade UC4 pressure-treated posts and premium-grade cladding to ensure your fence will stand strong against the rigours of British weather. Each piece is meticulously built by hand, on-site, to guarantee a bespoke fit tailored perfectly to your requirements.

I can build matching garden gates, shelters, pergolas, screening and accessories such as bin and log stores to compliment your outdoor space.

Venetian Slatted Fencing

Venetian Slatted fencing is a contemporary semi-solid design, offering decorative design and sleek horizontal lines to accentuate your outdoor space.

Built using premium tanalised redwood cladding boards, with matching capping along the top ridge. No visible posts and all joins are covered with matching timber capping – perfect for adding modern style to your garden or outdoor space, whilst enhancing privacy and a great choice for allowing a little additional light into your garden.

Feather Edge Fencing

Feather Edge fencing offers added stability for a sturdy garden boundary, providing privacy and security to your garden or outdoor space.

Built using feather edge cladding with weather top capping, the vertical panels accentuate the height of your fence line.

Installing a fence with this style enables you to incorporate and embrace natural features of your garden, rather than felling established trees.

This type of fencing can be graduated seamlessly to follow the fall and incline of ground.
Timber gravel boards can be installed when required and I often include a hedgehog highway to enable hedgehogs to roam freely through their natural habitat.

Picket Fencing

Picket Fencing is often associated with country cottages and children-friendly play spaces. It is a charming and popular choice for creating a less formal boundary for your garden or outdoor space, and perfect for dividing different areas.

Built using evenly spaced vertical premium round top pales, attached to horizontal rails, following the contours of your garden.

Aesthetically pleasing, this style of fence is a cost effective way to cover long sections of lower fence in areas that do not require increased levels of security.

Board & Batten Fencing

Board & Batten fencing offers stability and decorative design – perfect for adding contemporary architectural style to your garden or outdoor space.

Built using premium treated redwood cladding boards with a batten on every vertical join, creating a ‘ribbed’ style fence that looks stunning when illuminated by the sun or outdoor lighting.

The vertical panels accentuate the height of the fence line and provide an attractive addition to your garden whilst creating a beautiful backdrop to your borders or around your entertaining area.

I can build matching garden gates, shelters, pergolas, screening and accessories such as bin and log stores to compliment your outdoor space.

Garden Gates

Enhance the cohesion of your outdoor space with custom-built garden gates designed to match your existing fence and aesthetics. Designed to meet your specific design requirements, my garden gates provide a seamless look that elevates the overall appeal of your property, making every entrance and exit a statement of style.

Bin Stores

Aren’t wheelie bins just the most unsightly necessity? Transform your outdoor aesthetics with custom-built bin stores that not only hide those cumbersome bins but also enhance the look of your space. These bin stores are designed to complement your existing outdoor decor, providing a practical yet stylish solution to keep your area tidy and attractive. Designed to fit your specific needs, my bin stores offer a neat and seamless appearance, ensuring that even the most functional elements of your home contribute to its overall charm and style.

Storage Solutions

Because no one ever has enough space for all those pesky seat covers, my outdoor storage solutions are a game changer. Designed to blend seamlessly with your garden or patio decor, these storage solutions provide ample space to stow away everything from seat covers to gardening tools. Not only do they keep your essentials neatly organised, but they also protect them from the elements. Tailored to meet your specific requirements, my outdoor storage options ensure that every item has its place, making your outdoor living area both functional and stylish.

Helping Hedgehogs Hustle

Your new fence could be a lifeline for local wildlife. I proudly offer the option to include hedgehog highway holes in garden fences, ensuring our spiky friends can roam freely and safely. This small feature can make a big difference, connecting habitats and helping hedgehogs thrive.

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